So, you might have noticed that I haven’t posted anything in a while.  Or, you know, maybe you haven’t noticed at all, but in order for this intro to work, let’s say you did.  The thing is, I actually began composing this post a while ago.  It originally started like this:

“Essay and exam season is upon us once again.  For some, this means long hours dedicated to vigorous research, emails to professors, and writing detailed outlines, culminating in a sparkling paper that should evoke great pride and (hopefully) top marks.  For others, a great deal of time is spent staring at blank Word documents, the days ticking slowly by; it all ends with one night of combing Sparknotes and lecture slides and desperate bullshitting and cups of coffee flavoured with tears of exhaustion, culminating in a sort-of-okay paper that evokes relief and a (hopefully) passing grade.  I fall into the latter category.”

– Samantha Kim, two months ago

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