the time i had a youtube stalker

I have a YouTube channel.  On this channel, I post mediocre covers of songs I like.  I’ve actually been posting on this channel since 2009, but I’ve only started sharing my videos on Facebook within the past year or so, because I was previously scared of being judged.  I have since decided that I care 0 percent about what anyone thinks, and if someone doesn’t like my shit, then they don’t have to watch it.

Anyway, there I was, at the ripe age of 16; posting cringe-worthy videos of me singing, accompanied by a guitar I barely knew how to play, filmed on a poor quality laptop webcam.  At the same time, I was also broadcasting on the now-defunct BlogTV.  In case you don’t know what that is, BlogTV was a live-streaming site that allowed people to broadcast whatever they pleased (excluding nakedness and nakedness-inclusive activities), and anyone could watch.  So, an internet predator’s dream, basically. Continue reading “the time i had a youtube stalker”